Mwanza Regional Profile has been prepared to provide a baseline for a focused development opportunities in the Region. The profile has covered information for all sectors on how best they effectively contribute forwards acceleration of investment and its economic growth to the Region and the National cake as well.
This profile is critically important as it analyses the availability of abundant resources and the investment opportunity that are not yet fully utilized. For that case, the Region is welcoming different investors from different angles to look for; and invest to these abundant potentials and ensuring the opening  up of its exploitation for the economic growth and well-being of Mwanza people and all Tanzanians at large.
Mwanza people are convinced that, the exploitation of the available potentials will be shared, sustainable and beneficial to our present generation and future as well. Despite, these abundant untapped resources, Mwanza still remains poor because it still lacks capital, skills and technological resources to exploit its natural wealth for economic development.
Thinking of all these; it is declared to say that “The future we choose today will determine the kind of Mwanza our children and their future will live in”
Hence come ones, come all to invest into this potential and stratergic region to ensure that resources are invested in a manner that will enhance private sector to realize profits quantitatively and qualitatively.
Reasons to Invest in Mwanza
•A climate suitable for both tourism and agriculture
•Strategic location with transport links to neighbouring countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Uganda.
•Peace and political stability that offers a safe environment with low crime rates.
•High growth potential
•An   inexpensive and trainable workforce
•A source of skills in the local education institutions
•Transport links with other regions and proximity to neighboring countries (Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and DRC.)