Mara Region Investment Profile presents a summary of the investment opportunities in Mara Region. 
Mara Region has a land area of 30,150 square kilometers and had an estimated 1.7 million population in 2012. The region has six districts namely Serengeti, Tarime, Bunda, Musoma, Butiama and Rorya. The major development objectives and goals of all the District Councils and the regional authorities are to promote and facilitate appropriate investments to achieve economic growth, reduce poverty and improve social well-being.
There are taxes related and non- tax incentives to investors with legal codes for investment protection and business operations that apply throughout the country. In addition, some districts offer their own additional incentives, for example land Banks in Bunda (5,622 ha) and Butiama (13,650 ha) district, and investment facilitation in Musoma Municipality include Export Processing and Special Economic Zones and dedicated industrial zones, and in Musoma Municipality and in Tarime Town Council, land has been set aside for industrial, commercial, agricultural and institutional development. All the District Councils offer support to investors to lease land, access to infrastructure, labour and conducive environment for legal processes.
Each districts and councils have separate investment profiles, which present more comprehensive and detailed information on their locations, physical features, administration, population, economy, infrastructure, investment opportunities, and the policies and strategies adopted to facilitate investment and their management. Comparative/competitive advantage Criteria were applied and Investment Profiling Matrices were compiled for the types and locations of investment opportunities, noting the products, raw material sources, infrastructure, labour supply, existing and expected markets, production chain and required quality standards, other ancillary investments and the recommended type of investors/investments. The Regional Profile presents, in addition, investment opportunities whose scale and scope transcend beyond those of the individual districts and councils, fo r example mega projects in construction of Regional referral hospital and the science university, transportation, power generation and supply, energy and industrial development which nevertheless will benefit the districts and even the Country. 
The Mara Region Investment Profile is divided into six chapters. Chapter One introduces Mara Region and briefly describes its physical feature, livelihoods, land use administration and population, especially in the context of economic activities and potentials. The economic status and infrastructure are outlined in Chapters Two. Chapter Three presents a thematic summary of the investment opportunities in the Region and districts and by major sectors. Chapter Four notes the national fiscal or tax incentives and the non-fiscal incentives and the facilities offered by the Tanzania investment Centre (TIC) to investors and some of the main legal codes. It notes the comparative advantages, growth drives and enablers, and emerging competitive advantages. The fifth chapter draws a conclusion. 
The Regional Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at current prices rose from Tsh. 141,449 millions in 1996 to 1,171,424,000,000/= in 2010; and the per capta income for the region is 642,528/=.
It is the spirit of this commitment and moral obligation towards the poor that our policy is aimed at ensuring that our people get maximum benefits out of the resources surrounding them. This is not only the bastion of social harmony, but also the nucleus around which poverty will be reduced while creating gainful employment and increasing real income to the people in our endeavor to answer the question of “why are we poor?”
I therefore, wish to give my special thanks to my staff in the planning and coordination department and Economic department for their tireless secretarial and editorial services which culminated in the production of this Profile successfully. 
I do emphasize that this Profile will obviously be of great value and important asset for furnishing guidance to prospective investors in Mara Region.
Finally, I thank all who in one way or another, made their contributions towards the production of this Profile containing reliable information, and their contributions are gratefully acknowledged.  
Reasons to Invest in Mara
  Excellent climate for agriculture and animal husbandry, 
  Abundant mineral deposits
  The home of the world-class Serengeti national park
  Lake Victoria with ample use and utility 
  Tourism, fishing, infrastructure development and social service provision. 
  Designated land (land banks) for investment established for commercial agriculture and other uses
  Strategic location with transport links to neighbouring countries like Kenya and Uganda.
  Peace and political stability that offers a safe environment with low crime rates.
  High growth potential
  An   inexpensive and trainable workforce
  A source of skills in the local education institutions
  Transport links with other regions and proximity to neighboring countries (Kenya, Uganda)
Priority Investment Areas
  Gold Processing Industries
  Textile Industries
  Bee keeping and Honey Processing Industries
  Meet and Beef Processing Industries
  Aqua Culture
  Construction of Tourist hotels, Conferences and Shopping Malls
  Construction of Educational infrastructure and provision of Related services
  Construction of a Regional Sports Arena
  Construction of Health Services Infrastructures and Provision of Related Services